Drobot Radu

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T.U. of Civil Eng. of Bucharest

University:Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest
Courses:WREM101: Hydraulics and Hydrology, WREM102: Ecology, Chemistry and Microbiology, WREM103: Data Analysis Tools, WREM201: Water Supply and Distribution Management, WREM202: Wastewater collection and treatment, WREM203: Stormwater Management, WREM301: Integrated Flood Risk Management, WREM302: Groundwater, WREM303: Integrated Water Resources Management, WREM401: Policy and Legislation, WREM402: Environmental Assessment, WREM404: Coastal Erosion Management, Training Module, Educate Showroom, Educate! Community Share Area, Educate! Teacher Community, Transboundary Integrated Water Management, New Technologies in Water Management - GIS, Characterization and restoration of contaminated sites, Contemporary problems in Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and solutions, ...
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